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Bambi & Thumper

Introducing Bambi & Thumper.....

Meet BAMBI & THUMPER, the sweetest pair of sisters you'll ever find that are as different as night & day.  Just 1-years-old (they celebrated their birthday in February 2003), they're ruling the Toh household, with both mummy & daddy wrapped round their little paws.
Like their namesakes in Walt Disney cartoons, Bambi is sweet & dainty while Thumper is as active/hyper as they come.  Bambi loves any lap, and often looks to mummy & daddy for protection.  Thumper on the other hand strongly believes she can tackle anything/anyone, including Grandma's Labrador!!  When the Lab tries to mate with her (oops!), Thumper stands on her hind legs, swipes her paws in the Lab's face and successfully wards him off!! (how's that for a tough cookie!) 
Favorite pastimes of the girls are as diverse as their character :-)  Thumper likes daddy to bounce her up & down in the air, while Bambi views such juvenile activities with disdain.  No jostling for me please... says Bambi - just good ole TLC ala stroking, sayang-sayang style please.
Obviously Thumper is the more extroverted one, and gives in to Bambi all the time.  While Bambi just licks her feet, Thumper helps by licking her all over!! (that's how much she loves her sister <haha>)  With all her antics, Thumper sure makes mummy & daddy laugh alot!  Bambi the quiet one talks with her eyes and very loud yawns(!!); she makes mummy & daddy believe the world would be a better place if everyone were to behave like Bichons.

Bambi's decided she'll not be a lap dog today but instead join her sis for a romp in the garden

Look at them 'fly'! How we envy them (they have such a nice garden to run & play around in)

For once Thumper is doing the 'chasing'. Often times she's up front singing "you cannot catch me..."

Thumper the 'super-bunny' is gaining on Bambi!!

Thumper: "C'mon Bambi, u can do it! We gotta get to the finish line where daddy is (he has treats!!)

Opening vignette is writted by EDDEL .... after listening to all the wonderful anecdotes as told by Bambi's & Thumper's mummy Susanah :-)

Boy, are we pooped from all the running around....

Did mummy & daddy just say we're going out? (Suddenly) we're not tired anymore!! :-)


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